summary.RoBMA creates summary tables for a RoBMA object.

# S3 method for RoBMA
  type = "ensemble",
  conditional = FALSE,
  output_scale = NULL,
  probs = c(0.025, 0.975),
  logBF = FALSE,
  BF01 = FALSE,
  short_name = FALSE,
  remove_spike_0 = FALSE,



a fitted RoBMA object


whether to show the overall RoBMA results ("ensemble"), an overview of the individual models ("models"), an overview of the individual models MCMC diagnostics ("diagnostics"), or a detailed summary of the individual models ("individual"). Can be abbreviated to first letters.


show the conditional estimates (assuming that the alternative is true). Defaults to FALSE. Only available for type == "conditional".


transform the meta-analytic estimates to a different scale. Defaults to NULL which returns the same scale as the model was estimated on.


quantiles of the posterior samples to be displayed. Defaults to c(.025, .975)


show log of Bayes factors. Defaults to FALSE.


show Bayes factors in support of the null hypotheses. Defaults to FALSE.


whether priors names should be shortened to the first (couple) of letters. Defaults to FALSE.


whether spike prior distributions with location at zero should be omitted from the summary. Defaults to FALSE.


additional arguments


summary.RoBMA returns a list of tables of class 'BayesTools_table'.


See diagnostics() for visual convergence checks of the individual models.

See also


if (FALSE) {
# using the example data from Anderson et al. 2010 and fitting the default model
# (note that the model can take a while to fit)
fit <- RoBMA(r = Anderson2010$r, n = Anderson2010$n, study_names = Anderson2010$labels)

# summary can provide many details about the model

# estimates from the conditional models can be obtained with
summary(fit, conditional = TRUE)

# overview of the models and their prior and posterior probability, marginal likelihood,
# and inclusion Bayes factor can be obtained with
summary(fit, type = "models")

# diagnostics overview, containing the maximum R-hat, minimum ESS, maximum MCMC error, and
# maximum MCMC error / sd across parameters for each individual model can be obtained with
summary(fit, type = "diagnostics")

# summary of individual models and their parameters can be further obtained by
summary(fit, type = "individual")