Density (pdf / lpdf), distribution function (cdf / ccdf), quantile function (quant), random generation (rng), mean, standard deviation (sd), and marginal variants of the functions (mpdf, mlpf, mcdf, mccdf, mquant).

rng(x, ...)

cdf(x, ...)

ccdf(x, ...)

quant(x, ...)

lpdf(x, ...)

pdf(x, ...)

mcdf(x, ...)

mccdf(x, ...)

mquant(x, ...)

mlpdf(x, ...)

mpdf(x, ...)



main argument


unused arguments


pdf (mpdf) and lpdf (mlpdf) give the (marginal) density and the log of (marginal) density, cdf (mcdf) and ccdf (mccdf) give the (marginal) distribution and the complement of (marginal) distribution function, quant (mquant) give the (marginal) quantile function, and rng generates random deviates for an object of class 'prior'.

The pdf function proceeds to PDF graphics device if x is a character.